Short Range Hunting

Viewing the beauty of God’s creation never seems to get old. And shooting them with a camera is, to me, just as exciting as any sport except that I get to shoot them over and over again. Yesterday was an exceptional day of hunting, all without leaving the comfort of our deck.

The most exciting news is that momma and papa quail appear to be getting used to us enough to allow some great shots. They like sitting on the rocks in the yard because it gives them a good vantage point but also it’s usually warmer when the sun hits it. Here’s momma with 8 (of the 10) babies huddled together. (You can click images below to enlarge)


quail-011.jpg quail-010.jpg

In addition to the Doodle family (that’s what we them), we also saw a deer pass through and the hummingbirds are in full swing now that nesting season is over.



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