Camp for non-campers, Christ for non-Christians

Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp ( a local camp that brings together people from area churches for all kinds of retreats (ranging from sports to scrap-booking) with a central theme of sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ with anyone who attends. I was invited to serve on the board a few years ago and have since come to enjoy the range of activities including serving in the kitchen, men’s retreats, volleyball, and more. It’s been a wonderful place to meet people and have fun. Jenny too has enjoyed serving in the kitchen, women’s retreats, stamping and scrap-booking camps (supporting her healthy addiction).

Anyone who knows us, knows that we’re not “campers”. Thankfully, the camp provides (in order of priority) cabins, showers, flushing toilets and commercial grade kitchen services. If you’re not a camper, CLBC might be something to consider. To know us is to know that Christ is a central theme in our lives. The gospel message, to some, is like bug spray to mosquitoes. I can imagine that there are folks who would find sitting through 45 minutes of church to be enough to avoid a day or two of having a great time. Too bad, so sad, you’re missing a great time with some really great people. I can attest that no one has ever died after hearing and believing the gospel message.
Here’s some shots of the girl. First in the kitchen and then at stamp camp.

jenny-at-camp.gif jenny_stampcamp.jpg

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