Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

We had our first snow on Nov. 18th (Note to self: have everything ready for winter by Nov. 15 from now on!). I get the impression from conversations with my wife that without studded snow tires, her car is liable to spontaneously slide right down the mountain and into Lake Cocolalla… even if the snow is melting in 40 degree temps… and the car is parked in the driveway. Not to mention what might happen if someone actually got behind the wheel of this death trap.

So, I took the car in to get the studded tires mounted. Apparently, Jenny has many kindred spirits, terrorized by snowflakes, because the local tire repair shop was packed. I left the car, got a ride home. Jenny called the tire store and explained that we’d give them our credit card and pick it up on Sunday when they were closed. The tire store rep explained that the credit card machine was down. But then he says to Jenny, I see Thomas at the same restaurant on Fridays. I’ll leave the keys under the mat and lock the car. Thomas and I can settle up on Friday

This guy’s going to trust that I’m going to pay him on Friday so he makes a risky decision on behalf of a major tire chain. He’s not even the owner.  Trusting their customers. That is a sure way to fail at business. Your not going to see that kind of thing very often in big cities. Jenny didn’t even want me to name him or the tire store because he might get in trouble. I think this concern is a latent big-city left over.

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