Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Most of my OOSTL are favorable because, clearly, I’m biased by all the good here. There are two observations here, one is the funny way of doing business and the other is rudeness. The rudeness part is way out of character for a town of less than 800 people. Here’s a sign on the wall of our local laundromat.


The funny part: You best get things done before the cleaning person leaves… but there’s not time stated when the cleaning person does this. And the “girls” at the gas station are pretty busy so let’s hope you don’t need them to stop chatting behind the counter and unlock your laundry.

My Rant:  My guess is that this was written at about 2:00 a.m. after the owner was woken up and dragged down to unlock the door by some person with only the clothes on their back. It’s an old sign and my hope would be that the owner would have had at least one good day since writing it where she could have written a nicer sign.  With VERY LITTLE effort this sign could communicate the exact same point without sounding so much like the ones I’ve read in some seedy neighborhood laundromats in big cities.

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