Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

I heard a joke(?) the other day about how tough people from Idaho are. They’re so tough that when they’re stranded in the woods, they’ll kill a moose with their bare hands, gut it, and sleep inside the carcass for warmth (I couldn’t wait to share that with you). I’ve been plowing snow off our drive and road for the last several days because here in rural America there’s no county service that’s going to come and plow it for you. The county only goes so far and for us that’s about a quarter mile away.

But in the big city you get all the conveniences of life or at least the illusion of them. Here’s the text from a press release sent out today from the City of Spokane, WA.

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: The City of Spokane this afternoon is calling a Stage 1 Snow Emergency…Under the City’s snow removal plan, officials can call for such an emergency when there is at least 2 inches of snow on the ground and four or more in the forecast. 

Note: this was our first snow of the year. OK, from this you can assume that the city is going to be under a Stage One Snow Emergency from now until June. People can expect services to leave them stranded. So much for the conveniences of life. I’ll take rural over city any day.

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