Old neighborhood shot for the family

If you’re not family, this post will bore you to death. So don’t bother reading on.

Hey family, when I went back to Illinois in November I was able take a quick trip down memory lane. I thought you’d enjoy looking at these and telling someone the many stories that go along with each picture.

wooddale-gilberthouse-01.jpg wooddale-gilberthouse-02.jpg

Wood Dale House today. I used to jump over those two pine trees. The one on the right used to resemble Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree because of all the times we plowed into it. Hey, check out that fancy front door. Remember the stupid screen door that never latched that Gino would use as an exit. I see they never replaced the two pillars on the front overhang. Remember how those things use to dangle there and Dad would always be trying to anchor them to the ground only to have them dislocated by one of us swinging on it. Note: The lamp post is gone.
wooddale-wisnewski.jpg wooddale-varga.jpg

The Wisnewski’s and Varga’s house. Check out the size of the willow in the Varga’s yard.  Not much has changed there. Even the cracks in the driveway are the same. Wisnewski’s house is missing the bushes and the statues. Otherwise, it looks the same.


Ray, this one’s for you. Your favorite neighbor appears to still be living there. Note that they never took out the extra pad on the driveway we needed for all the extra cars.  I think those hedges were put in there just for you Ray. The two maples are from the roadway. And look the current occupants of our old house still can’t hit the driveway and all the lawn is killed by the street, just like old times.


This is kind of sad. The old Jewel Osco.  It just doesn’t have the same friendly feel. But if we lived there, Mom would surely find the prices appealing. We have a Ben Franklin here in Idaho and in fact, Jenny and I were in there today. No one cent candy or that store manager with the cleffed lip. Remember him?

That’s all for now. Go ahead and share amongst your significant others.

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