Idaho – License to try new things.

Non-Idaho family/friends will think I’m nuts (correction – more nuts). Idaho friends have probably been doing this for years and will think nothing of it.

I’m not a doctor, I don’t even play one on TV. However, I do live in Idaho and that seems to give license to do things that one might not do elsewhere. Yesterday, while scraping ice off the car I slipped, fell and a rock cut a fairly deep cut on my hand. I knew we were going to be late for church. Nurse Jenny’s diagnosis – emergency room, now – dry heave. But after the $500 expense of my last visit to the ER, I couldn’t justify the cost when you consider how many tanks of gas that would put into an ATV. A good cleaning with hydrogen peroxide, three butterfly bandages later and we were back on the road. About mid-service I realized that the bleeding wasn’t exactly “under control”.  Ah, good thing I’d brought more bandages just in case.

A $30 trip to Walmart and our medicine cabinet was restocked. I also bought a tube of super glue. We’ve all heard the stories about how ER doctors simply glue wounds shut now-a-days. What do you know, it works great.


Saved $470. Got a big “sympathy” bandage. Learned a new skill. Priceless.

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