Photo Essay: 20 Signs of Spring

With all the dreary thoughts about winter I wanted to go out and find some signs of spring to share with my friends. I took about an hour and walked around our yard and photographed things that reminded me that spring is on the way.  Here they are in the order they were shot. (Click photo to enlarge)

New life pushing past last years dead flowers.

Note to self: gotta prune the dead branches.

Day Lillie are some of my favorite flowers... Soon.

I forgot what this one was last year.

Hey buds!

The snow has left the moss very moist. Soon this hill will fill with pink grass widow flowers.

Tamarack tree buds are ready to burst.

Tree wells create unusual rings of snow.

This is one of my favorite plants. I think of very small pine trees. For perspective, the brown lines are pine needles.

Moose poos surface.

Even weed are looking pretty.

Note to self: Make wild rose hip tea this year.

Who knows what those little green things are.

The pin for my plow that lost in January reveals itself.

Rocks in berm on side of driveway start to surface. I'll be raking those back onto the driveway later.

Water from the melting snow trickles down the rocks.

Our road turns into liquid. It was easier to get through snow.

Woodpeckers are searching for bugs.

Soon, birds won't allow people to get so close.

BONUS: The rainbows return. (this was take a few days after my project but deserves inclusion)

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