Anniversary in Space

We took advantage of a writer’s conference that Jenny attended in Seattle to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Here’s a quick run down of sites. Going from Cocolalla, Idaho to Seattle, Washington was a bit of a culture shock since we haven’t gotten out much. It’s pretty peaceful form our tour boat.

Seattle Skyline (click to enlarge)

Jenny got to visit the mother-ship of all Nordstrom stores. The original build in 1902.

The Original Nordstrom Store

Off in the distance we got to see the mother shop of Starbucks.

Starbucks Headquarters

Starbucks Headquarters

Everyone recommended Pikes Place Market. It is truly a taste of Seattle with a lot of great local treasures. I thought I’d touch up the photo slightly to illustrate what these places look like to an introvert.

Pikes Place Market (click to enlarge)

I don’t recall the “Gum Wall” being recommended but in an alley (we find the most unusual routes) we found an amazing tribute to gum. It felt very icky.

This is just a close up of the gum wall. Imagine a wall 30 feet by 10 feet filled with wads of gum.

Life saving blue tape. While sight seeing from atop the Space Needle, we discovered the secret of it’s longevity appears to be the blue tape that is holding it together and keeping us from falling 900+ feet.

The only thing between us and death - some blue tape.

Dinner culminated at the Space Needle. Here is a shot of us eating dinner. Well, at least the shadow of us eating dinner.

We combined the names and called it the Sneedle.

And finally we close with the Snoqualmie Falls which we caught on the way home.

Snoqualmie Falls (click to enlarge)

Our ride home was the same day some kook was predicting the rapture. For us, it was close. We went from the humanity of the big city to the hint of heaven in Cocolalla.

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