Mowing the lawn

People don’t want to believe that we really do mow our lawn with a manual push mower. Yes, the kind with the egg-beater for blades. Now that it’s spring I wanted to share a little proof with this shot of Jenny looking so cute while she mows.

Yes, it’s true that Jenny does cut the lawn. No it’s not true that we use a manual push mower in order to save the planet, but I admit, it doesn’t hurt. The other reasons for this are

  • It’s really good exercise.
  • We don’t have much outdoor storage space and this fits nicely in the shed.
  • The area being mowed only takes 35 minutes (for boys) to an hour (for girls) to do.
  • It’s quiet and doesn’t scare the wildlife.
  • It makes us feel superior to those who say they love the earth and yet have a smoke belching mower.

You’re welcome to come an try it out any time.

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