Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Trimming the bushes – sounds like a chore my dad used to do on a day off. Here bushes grow like grass and cutting them off at the stump only gives them a solid foothold to come back next year. You have to pull them out by hand and get the roots or they’ll just come back. So trimming is taken to a whole new level of difficulty of clearing bushes. This requires special weedwacker attachments that go through 2 inch branches, chain saws, hand saws, clippers and a special ax (found only on ebay) called a grub ax that can (with a great deal of effort) pull small roots up. I did brush removal on a small section of land in spring and am now moving the bushes to the burn pile. Unlike the garbage bag dad would fill with trimmings, I had load after load of bushes. Only a few more sections to go.

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