County Fair, Part 2 – Cows

What would a county fair be without 4-H cows? Not much. I learn something every year. For those who haven’t seen the great deal of effort that goes into raising and presenting a winning cow, you’re missing  a lot. Here’s an example. note that this is the has been washed, groomed, picked up after, and is wearing a nice clean halter. If I didn’t know better, it looks more like a stuffed fur mattress than a cow. (click images to enlarge)

Next up is the a tribute to Buttons, the cow (Actually, I’m to learn from this that Buttons is actually a steer). A combination of cow, sewing and a play on the name.

And finally, this amazing picture came out blurry because I had to snap it very quickly lest I be seen.

How does one clean a prize cow? The answer is shown here as this proud woman uses a vacuum cleaner.

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