It’s a cold day in Dec. without the furnace

For the last 5 days the Leo house has been a bit chilly. Thursday night I realized that the furnace/heat pump wasn’t working. Thanks to the help of a furnace expert over the phone, I was able to hotwire the thermostat wires so that the furnace fan would circulate the heat produced by our pellet stove. This was to be resolved by Saturday when the furnace guy showed up.

Today is Monday an we’re waiting for Tuesday to get the part needed to fix the heat pump. In the mean time the pellet stove is supplementing the heat that is being produced by the furnace. Without the heat pump the furnace is rather expensive so we’re keeping temps down quite a bit.

We’re very thankful for the pellet stove to back up the furnace, to be warm enough and for having all those snuggy blankets to sleep under.

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