Foil The Gift-Guesser In Your House

My family has a long tradition of “guessing” what is in our Christmas gifts. As a young lad I was good at guessing because, prior to Christmas, I would have carefully opened my gifts and then carefully put them back. This stopped later in life, honest.

In marriage the guessing tradition continues. So, here’s a trick we’ve been using for years to detour guesses. We call it, decoying the gift. Making it “sound” like something that it’s not.

Step 1: select a container that will make a distinct sound such as an old vitamin bottle.

Step 2: Place some items that will rattle around inside the container.

Step 3: Place the decoy inside the gift package and wrap it up.


Step 4: Don’t even think of putting the gift in a box that is similar in size to the actual gift.

Step 5: If the gift is light, add some ballast to the box. A rock, bottle of sand or shampoo will work just fine.

Now the guesser will be foiled. Yes, Jenny will read this before Christmas. It’s no secret in our house that guessing is practically impossible anymore.

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