Pure Evil Ruins Christmas Gifts

Dear Ken and Family, Thank you so much for the beautiful bird treats shaped like Christmas ornaments. We hung them up on Dec. 27th. We noticed on the 28th that one had fallen off. We chalked it up to quality control at the factory. That evening was rainy. I swear I heard something outside but when I got up to check, I couldn’t see a thing. On the 29th, I noticed that a few more ornaments had fallen off the string. I felt bad because the birds were just coming to enjoy the wonderful treat.

Then “IT” appeared and I quickly realized that something evil was afoot.

That string it’s looking at formerly held the bird treats. You can’t see it in this picture but there’s still one treat up high. What’s worse, is that it wasn’t alone.


This second beast was probably none other than, “Spindle”.  Shortly after this picture was taken the string went, twang, the bird treat went flying and the monsters feasted.

I didn’t have the heart to shew them away. Next time, I’m sure. Here’s a close up of the evil ones. Look at the guilt in their eyes! (That is guilt, right?)


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