Crime Scene at the Leo’s House

COCOLALLA, ID — Photographic evidence taken from the home of a couple in Cocolalla, ID reveals that the Rimbey crime ring is expanding. Shown in this photo, a shipment of what investigators are calling “Rimbey Fudge & Brittle,” is a clear picture of the danger to society when crime families merge. The expansion heads north from the Phoenix area all the way up to the Leo family compound deep in the mountains of Idaho. It appears that the operation came to a quick halt during the weighing and quality checking process that takes place shortly before distribution. The only comment was from two individuals (Lucy and Fur [AKA Peanut]) who also lived in the house. Both complained that they were never given a cut because people thought they were cats. Investigators were not available for comment although it appears they were enjoying the discovery.

Fudge & Brittle Seized in Cocolalla, ID (click to enlarge)


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