A Timely Thing To Do

I don’t set aside enough creative play time but being winter and all, I took the time to create something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. To create an elegant-clock face using calligraphic flourishes. Over a month I was able to grab some 40+ hours and finish a dream. It measures 24 inches across so there’s no need to squint from across the room.

(click to enlarge)

The text in the center reads, “Sola scriptura; Sola fide; Sola gratia; Solo Christo; Soli Deo gloria.” (For those who don’t know Latin, like me, I included the translation, “By Scripture alone; by faith alone; by grace alone; through Christ alone, glory to God alone.”)

(click to enlarge)

I’m seriously thinking about selling a few at some local consignment stores. (Reg. $249) Sale price: $149.00



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