Work = Play. Just add a big machine

I’ve always dreamed that if I were to win the lottery, I’d be able to work for free and learn how to do some other jobs. While I didn’t win the lottery, I did get a chance to learn what it was like to run an excavator thanks to my friend Ron. Ron can run the machine like a an extension of himself. Me? Not so much. The controls take a lot of getting used to.

Ron's Toy!

It looks easy to control. Looks is the key word. It has more controls than a video game and the consequences of mistakes are much higher.

For example, the right handle can do a multitude of things.

  • Push forward/backward to raise and lower crane
  • Push left/right to move bucked in and out.
  • Thumb lever controls the thumb for grabbing things (see image below)

Left handle is similar:

  • Push forward/backward to articular the elbow in and out
  • Push left/right to swing the body of the machine around 360 degrees.

There are other handles for driving/steering like a tank and for the plow. Foot peddles as well.

Ripping our a tree.

I confess, I did in 8 hours what Ron can do in two. However, I was about twice as productive at the end of the day than the middle.

Just in case anyone is wondering if I’ll do your job for you, probably not unless it includes something really fun.


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