Even the snow plows are nice

As mentioned yesterday, the snow plows try to protect the end of your driveway from snow by reguiding the blade from burying the driveway. In Chicago, burying the driveway with a huge pile of snow was a sport for the plows.

Today, I saw something completely new to me. The street was being plowed by huge tractor. What was more amazing is that when it passed a driveway, a black shield drops down parallel to the road to prevent snow from being deposited on the driveway. In this picture you’ll see it with the guard down although it’s hard to distinguish from the regular blade. You can also see how small Gritz (my car) looks compared to this massive machine.

Snow plow with guard down

Protecting the end of my driveway with it’s shield down. Also, note that this tractor has chains on it! Hope that isn’t a foretelling of things to come.

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