How about the weather up there?

Weather questions and comments abound from family and friends. Idaho is still South of Canada so we’re doing fine. We’re about 1200 feet higher in elevation than Chicago, but the winters here (according to the locals) aren’t too bad. They say this, but we’ve seen their kids walking home from school in short-sleeve shirts and men in shorts on more than one occasion when the temp is hovering around 40 degrees. It’s all relative, I guess. They’re a hardy bunch.
Amazingly the weather is more unpredictable here than back in Chicago because of the geology of the mountains. They can make it partly sunny in one place and snowing a mile away. Sometimes snow or rain comes in the form of one cloud that apparently got a little separated from the others.

For the current weather on our property click here

We currently live just 15 miles north and it’s amazing how different the weather can be. Locals call this “micro climates”.

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