2009 K-9 Keg Pull

What in the world is this man doing with that rake?

He’s preparing the course. Today marked the 13th annual K-9 Keg pull in downtown Sandpoint. I’d been waiting a year for this since we missed it last year. I couldn’t count the athletes but there were dogs everywhere.

Dogs of all sizes compete to pull a beer keg down a 50 yard course. The kegs are fitted to the dogs by a special harness. Some dogs take it in stride.

Other dogs are fierce competitors. This is the winner by the way.

There were big dogs with big kegs and of course small dogs with small kegs…

…Smaller dogs with small kegs… (To Paula, my sister and owner of a Pom. Where were you this winter?)

Funniest of all were the surprised looks on the dogs when they realized that there was a large metal object in tow. Many of them had no idea what the program was. All the dog calls in the world were no matter for some dogs who gave up in the first 10 feet.

It was a great event and we had a lot of fun. Cabin fever cures come in all shapes and sizes.

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