Anti-Spend Tea Party

Yes, we (Jenny, a friend Ron, and myself) went to a tea party in Coeur d’Alene. I think these tea parties that took place on April 15th were different things to different people. So, forgive me if I went for reasons that you might not value as mush as I do. For me it was not so much an “Anti-Tax Protest” as a “Anti-Spend Rally”. Besides my conservative values, I’m a very strong believer in smaller government especially on the federal level. In short, corruption asside, the elephants and donkeys have, with good intentions, done many disservices to our country in my lifetime. The biggest is that both have taken the country away from the original constitution, and what government should be, to the biggest, most uncontrolled consumer/spender of money this world has ever seen. I’m pro-tax, but there needs to be limitations. And a country that spends less, can afford to tax less. In short – I’m the best spender of the money I work hard for every day and within reasonable limits (that’s the problem), the government deserves some of that money.

OK, so enough politics. I was suprised that two of the larger cities in our area drew a combined 1700 people. We went to the one in Coeur d’Alene and were greeted by a bunch of friendly folks who, for the most part, were not targeting individual leaders (past and present) but rather the overall dissappointment in the way our government is managing our money. It was quite festive with a bandshell, music, speakers, and lots and lots of signs. We went away feeling as though we’re not the only people who value conservitive fiscal responsibility. We’re also very glad to observe first hand the difference between our experience at the rally and what the liberal media saw.

I don’t think I’ve been in a crowd this size in years.


These guys were the photo op of the crowd. Very cute but very sad.


And I had to get this woman’s picture. As an attender of the rally, like us, clearly she must be an extremist. The sign of this sweet little lady reads, “I’m a Dangerous Person”. Unfortunately, this seems to be the attitude of the general media and Homeland Security.


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