Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Rumor had it that there’s a guy name Jesse up on Little Blacktail Mountain that has an amazing model railroad in his attic. Since my brother is addicted to trains, I figured he’d enjoy meeting this man and seeing his layout. Efforts to contact him by phone failed but it just so happened that we’d be passing his house on our way down the mountain after picking huckleberries. While he didn’t know us, and we had only heard of him, we went to the door and were invited in with hardly an introduction. Elsewhere, it would have taken a list of credentials and an appointment.

The layout was nothing short of amazing.


In the first image above, you can see Joey and Kimmy within the layout.


The gold train above was made from scratch out of brass. Every wheel, rivet, pipe, everything, was made by hand by Jesse. Below is a picture of some of the parts he uses for making these train engines. It can take in upwards of 400 hours to complete.


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