Kitty cats roasting on a fire

Pellets stoves burn wood pellets (and corn if you so desire). They’re safe, convenient and toasty. Cats love anything warm. Put the two together and you have warm-happy cats that sleep by the stove. The top of our pellet stove gets hot to the touch. Not second degree burn hot, but hot enough that you don’t put stuff on it. Think, hot like the “walls of a hot sauna”. Ouch.

Side note: I’m one of those so called crazy-child-hating people who think that sooner or later (after ample warnings), you have to allow the child to touch a hot stove in order to figure out what hot is and trust their nervous system to recoil their hand before any long term damage is done.

So, when Fur (our kitty) decided to walk on the top of the hot pellet stove I knew she would quickly get down without any harm to her tender paws. I was wrong but not about her tender paws.  I was wrong about her getting down. I watched in amazement. I took a picture because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Click on the following image to see what I saw.


For those of you who were to queezy to look, you can safely click on the image of Fur curling up and relaxing a few inches above the fire while Lucy rests his head on the warm mantle. She later put her head down and started going to sleep… or maybe she was passing out. Not sure.

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