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Definative Proof that Jesus was in North Idaho

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

October 31st, Jesus came to Idaho. It’s documented in the police blotter of the Daily Beast (AKA, the Daily Bee, our local newspaper). No, it’s not some nut-job thinking he’s Jesus. Here, read for your self.


You’ll need the keen eye of a true believer to spot the proof. Here, I’ll help you, “A hit-and-run boating accident“. Who else but Jesus could “RUN” across water from a boating accident? I can’t find any biblical references to Jesus having minor skirmishes with the law prior to his second coming but, encouraged by the unwavering truth of the Daily Beast, I’ll keep looking.

Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Salad Dressing, Biomass, Salad Dressing… Only in the Daily Bee.
The Daily Bee, a local newspaper, is this blogs biggest competitor for the production of typographical errors. Here’s the front page of the news paper which shows two articles. One headlines a city Biomass project, the other a local salad dressing manufacturer. However, it’s the stories that follow the headlines that point to a dewsy (I looked that word up, can’t find it in the dictionary) of a proof reading error. When the staff of the newspaper don’t read their own paper before going to press, I know I have found a kindred spirit.


Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

When you live in a small town long enough things change. You might, for example, write a blog on observations you’ve made that highlight the differences between small town living and city life. But over time your senses of the differences become dulled. This isn’t a bad thing (see there, denial is the first sign), it’s just that you realize that your lifestyle is changing (followed shortly thereafter by justification).

Today’s observation comes in the form of footwear. My first pair of hiking boots were about 7 years old and as pristine as new when we moved to our small town. In 6 months I realized how quickly rugged terrain eats boots. Every year since arriving I’ve had to replace my boots.


I looked at my new boots – all pretty and clean – and I knew the life they were condemned to for the next year. They will be warn, torn, very dirty and have the laces replaced at least twice by this time next year. They will have many miles on them, both the bottoms and the tops. And that’s when I realized that something small had changed in me.

Next to my old boots, the new boots look like church going shoes (HELLO?!!).  Yeah, I could wear my old boots for regular stuff like working in the yard and wear my new boots to nicer events (This from the guy who used to wear a coat, tie and Florsheim shoes to work every day?). Then I snapped out of it. The voice of reason came back and I’ll be wearing my hush puppies to church. No worries, I’m OK. I’m not even sure how such an idea entered my head. I am sure it won’t happen again… but they really do look too nice for working in the mud.

Be Fruitful and Multiply Exponentially

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Well, the Sevens are back. For those who don’t recall they’re a family of wild turkeys that visited regularly last year. This year they brought with them about 25 of their kin. I’m thinking that the mild winter was good to them. They were all full grown turkeys so I’m guessing we’re going to see a lot of youngins soon. Don’t ask me why all of a sudden I want to use southern drawl when talking about wild turkeys.


Observations Of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Moose are 1500 pounds of sneaky beast. You never know when one has decided to pop up on you.


These shots were taken from Jenny’s office window. Below is a larger shot of them trimming out bushes. Mostly this means less yard work for me. By the way, the tender twigs of certain bushes are all I ever see them eating. Their digestive system must have a grinder in it somewhere.

(click to enlarge)

When you look at them doing normal moose stuff, they look like very tall, yet docile creatures. If you’re ever this close to a mother moose with her baby near by, you’re probably looking at the last thing you’ll ever see until you wake up in the hospital. I had quite a fright the other day when I was in the back of our property clearing logs. I’d been working for about 5 minutes when I saw a moose head rise up out of some brush about 30 feet away from me. It was definitely the smaller calf in the picture above. There are only two explanations for a moose being there. 1) It was sleeping or 2) It was playing another funny practical moose joke on me. While #1 seems logical, I suspect the latter.

I didn’t take any time to think about this before I was running back to the house. The next day when we saw the two moose I realized that momma was likely not far away. Thankfully, I lived to tell about our neighbors here in this very small town.

Views from the long bridge

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Shortly after moving here a friend in Ohio sent me a picture of a train on a bridge in Sandpoint. I’ve always wanted to get a similar shot. The other day, Jenny and walked the long bridge to get a great view of the trains going over lake Pend O’Reille (I’m thinking that I spelled that wrong, sorry). Click images to see larger shots. Another day, Another Postcard.

train-longbridge-02.jpg   train-longbridge-01.jpg

Afternoon Tea with Thomas & Jenny

Monday, March 8th, 2010

One of Jenny’s upcoming magazine articles is about a tea house in Eastern Washington. Whenever she gets a job like this I get to tag along and take pictures for the article. I never know what I’m getting myself into. On this trip the proprietor of the Foxwood Tea house gave us a complimentary afternoon tea. It was very dainty. Now I can say I did that. I’m not saying it wasn’t enjoyable, just not something I’ll do very often… like scrap-booking, going to stamping parties, or Scentsy parties (Scentsy = melt candle wax over a nightlight and you get the idea. Candles without flame). I digress.

Here is one of the images I hope finds its way into the magazine. Secretly, it’s a portrait of Jenny but of course, we would never be so bold as so do an obvious portrait of the author. So, here’s a picture of the mirror on the wall and sweet Jenny sipping tea.