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It is finished…

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

It took 3-years, but we finally settled up with the contractor that built our home after he surprised us with some substantial charges that would weren’t ready for, nor could we afford. We set aside money every month to pay him, but refused to go beyond a certain dollar amount until he fully accounted for the extra charges. We’re very grateful that all parties were able to come to an agreement without any snarky feelings or anger. So, with some of our tax return money this year, and the craftsmanship of a wonderful friend and carpenter (Ron Mauck, Mauck Construction, Cocolalla, Idaho – yes, that’s a shameless plug!), we could afford to finish the last two rooms in the basement of our home. Pictured here is Ron’s helper, Danno, the drywall artist (really. I’ve never seen anyone take so much care in making the walls perfect).


In cleaning out these two rooms, we also threw out many items brought here from Illinois. Boxes unopened for 3+ years. Items that had so much value back then, now are going to rummage sales, give-aways and the dump.

There’s just a few more odds and ends and the house will officially be… finished. Come visit and see.

39 again

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Jenny celebrated another birthday recently. 39 of course. Happy Birthday my sweet.


Ripping up the mountain

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

I’ve never seen a snow mobile do this. This shot it right side up — he’s not.


These were taken at the last of the snow celebration at Schweitzer mountain where snow mobiles are allowed to rip up the ski hill.

snowmobile-04.jpgsnowmobile-03.jpgsnowmobile-01.jpg snowmobile-02.jpg

A Little Drama

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Jenny had the chance to exercise her drama skills in doing a presentation of a historical figure here in Bonner County. After writing the script she played the character 4 scenes showing different stages of this person’s life at the Bonner County Historical Society annual meeting. She’ll be doing it for the public in a few weeks.Hopefully by then I recall the character’s name. Shown here with her counterpart, the antagonist of the presentation.


Hey Baby, Hey Baby

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Umm, I was never good at pick up lines. Some guys just don’t need it. Take for instance, our neighbor who was using our yard as the backdrop for his singles’ party.



There’s nothing more attractive than that big red jowly thing hangin’ under one’s chin.

Why Idaho?

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

In 2000, Jenny and I took a vacation to Emerald Lake in British Columbia, fell in love with the northwest and the rest is history. Also marking history this month is our 20th wedding anniversary. On our 10th, 15th we wanted to venture back to BC but couldn’t make it happen. This year however, with no air-fair or rental car, we could afford to return. This is why, Idaho.Still the most beautiful place in the world that we’ve ever seen.

emerald-lake-lodge-07.jpg  emerald-lake-lodge-02.jpg emerald-lake-lodge-03.jpg emerald-lake-lodge-05.jpg

emerald-lake-lodge-04.jpg  emerald-lake-lodge-06.jpg