Note to self: Ice of death – solution.

This post is for my own future reference should I forget and support for men who don’t yet have that ATV they’ve been dreaming about.


This is our street. That is our neighbor’s truck which has studded tires on it. Yet it’s parked here because he cannot make it up the hill in the back ground. Between here and our house is a road coated 3 to 4 inches of ice. The ice has seen a few days of rain which has polished a glass-like finish on it. It’s difficult to stand on the ice without slipping. My car can barely make it up this hill, but definitely not the next. 3 bags of cat litter fixed that. Coming down has proven to be even more dangerous.

As with many problems, the solution is an ATV. No, not simply riding the ATV up the hill, that’s easy, but rather solving the problem with the ATV.  Enter the Rhino with chains on the tires. By putting that baby in two wheel drive, and flooring it up the hill, the chains grind off the ice and have made the road of death safe for humanity once again.

Men, if after reading the past entries in this blog, you don’t yet have enough cost justifications for a new ATV, I’m going to suggest marital counseling as your problems are very serious.

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