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(this post recreated after a glitch in my blog ate it)

Day 25 on Facebook and some human behavioral patterns are emerging. Some, I like and others, not so much. Personal comments in (parenthesis).

  1. Linkers – People who link to websites without the communications skills to leave any comments as to why they like the site they’re linking to. (Hate)
  2. Gamers – People who friend you just so that they can get another chicken in Farmville when you join them in endless time-suck. (I block all game and similar options)
  3. Vulgars – Just using the word “suck” above reminded me how decorum is lost in public places. (My wife says, if you use up all the bad words in everyday speech, what do you say when you’re really angry?)
  4. Non-Sequiturs – People who post things that mean nothing except to themselves. Typically senseless phrases that have no subjects. (can’t lift more spacia, glick, say friendly – LOL)
  5. Poets – Senseless or nonsense, either way, it’s often painful for the general public to read. (I’ll probably have to qualify this one somehow so as not to hurt the poets of my world)
  6. TMIs – People who wish to share without discretion about things that are not appropriate for the general public. (No, I really don’t care about your child’s bodily functions)
  7. Spammers – Usually small business owners who mistakenly think that their friends care more about their business than their personal life. (Get a real job or a real life)
  8. Hussies – People who think their profile photo needs to be just short of porn. (Enough already!)
  9. Quoter – People who are constantly quoting pithy things, often without comment. (I’m on facebook to get to know you. If all you are is an atomiton [sic] of someone else, send me a link to them so I can get to know them instead)
  10. CalendER – So, you got a (funny, serious, political, or other) calendar for Christmas. Good for you. If I wanted to know it was National Scissor Day, I’d have gotten the calendar myself. (The exception to this is if you add your own commentary to the day)
  11. Surveyors – People who link to surveys for their pet causes, not realizing that the surveys mean very little for the cause, but are a common marketing scheme to get you to fork over your contact information. The result is that the organization doing the survey can solicit the people foolish enough to fill out the survey.

The following items have been contributed from my friends on Facebook.

  1. Lurkers are people, like my wife, that read everything that all of their friends have to say and look at all of their pictures but never actually contribute anything to Facebook via text. — Micah Pierce
  2. Like-ers – They go around liking stuff without comment so you know they were there, but they can’t take the time to add to the conversation. I’m guilty of that sometimes. –Heather Leslie Kliesner
  3. Grammar Queen: The purson who posts to facebook without doing the checking to make sur that they speled everytyhing correctly and that they didn’t just do run-on sentences that maybe sound real good while their speaking, but are hard on the eyes when reading those sentences which only show that they should be more better at proof reading or at least double checking what they wrote before they post there comments. –Jim Osman
  4. Newbie-Disser – The guy who has been on facebook for a week but already thinks he can categorize everyone else from only a week’s worth of observations. :-)� —Jim Osman
  5. Ghosters – people who are on your friend list but you never hear from them at all. –Anthony Eppolito

Thank you for your contributions.

If you have suggestions, you can post them on my facebook wall.

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