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Murder at Cocolalla Bible Camp

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Not many people know what goes on at Cocolalla Bible Camp. They probably have some interesting impressions. I can say first hand that it’s a great and safe place for children and families to enjoy the camp, the outdoors, games, relationships, study of God’s Word and of course, murder.  Jenny and I had the opportunity to participate in a live game of “Clue” (the old board game but with real people). The detectives were teams of kids who will be staffing the camp this summer. It was wonderful with all sorts of twists. Mrs. White (Jenny) found herself enamored with the murderer and was gracious enough to assume that surely his conviction was a mistake. In the end it was discovered that Col. Mustard (me) committed the murder in the library with a rope.


Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Drove 7 hours each way to Portland to pick up a new ATV. Here are some pictures of the trip. The first is breathtaking Mt. Hood (click to enlarge):

Somewhere along the Columbia River:

This was a cool sign. Sorry, it’s a little blurry, I was going fast, on a curvy road, while taking a picture.

The next one is dedicated to my friends, the Woods family. I thought of all three of you when I saw this. Can you think of why that might be?

Take a look at the hills in this image. This is a sample of probably 1500 that sit on an army base. They are deceptively small in this image. I’m betting you could park three semi-trucks in each of these.

And finally, here’s the new ATV which we’ve named Freya.

Love to stay and chat but I need to give her some exercise.