ATV Accident

“I always worry about you riding that ATV,” my mom would say, “I know you’re careful but…bla bla bla”. Her voice would fade into my reassurance that I wear a helmet…bla bla bla. An accident is inevitable from time to time. Normally (and this is not the first time) I can get back up, dust off and move on. Not the other day. My power-slide into the turn was going well but the turn was much tighter than my speed would allow for. I pretty much drove into a ditch where myself and the ATV tumbled forward. Thankfully, once parted we never met up again or the machine would have rolled on top of me. That usually ends bad. Instead, I think a bruised (possibly cracked) a few ribs which hurts much worse than my upper leg (pictured) that met the end  of the handlebar prior to my taking flight.

If you turn your head sideways you can kind of see a galaxy…with hair. There’s snow on the ground which means I have time to fix the machine by next season. I’ve already begun ordering parts on ebay.

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