Substandard Lake Water

Dear Commissioner Dan, I rarely complain in my opinion, but want to talk about the water quality in Lake Pend O’Reille. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the lake rarely freezes over completely. It’s water, it’s winter, it’s below 32 degrees — yet the lake water remains “water” all winter. Why does the county use substandard H2O that doesn’t freeze properly? The commissioners may be able to save a buck on cheap water, but not having ice skaters and snow mobiles falling through the ice is steeling these cherished childhood memories from the next generation. We pay taxes for a year round experience that includes water that freezes. So, unless you’re going to issue tax refunds, something needs to be done to install water that works properly. Cheap water is not the answer. You’ve fooled the boaters who just assume it’s frozen so they stay home for heaven’s sakes.  But you’re not going to fool me. If I were voted in as commissioner, I would pull together state, federal, international and interstellar support to bring better water to Bonner County. People come from far and wide to see the lake and imagine the look of confusion on their faces when they see a non-frozen lake sitting there. I don’t even invite family at this time of year because I don’t want to explain that we voted people who skimp on water quality into office. The commissioners need to budget better water in 2019.
~Thomas (A Concerned Citizen!)


Originally Posted: 1/28/19

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