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Private Property Rights

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Dear Commissioner Dan, Are new residents notified that buying property comes with some responsibilities? I’ve been reviewing the minutes from the commissioner meetings and it doesn’t appear that you guys have EVER addressed the problem of gravity avalanching downhill and carrying with it dangerous objects? I live on the side of a mountain and my neighbor lives about a quarter-mile above my property. Among other things, the commissioners need to make more laws to prevent him from breaking my windows and denting my car. It happened again this week. A croquet ball came right through the kitchen window. Last time a bocce ball picked off my dog. All because I live in a “free range” area where privately owned gravity is allowed to freely cross property lines. Gravity is “huge,” it’s almost everywhere in the county so don’t act like this is not the commissioners’ responsibility. It’s his gravity and I don’t want it crossing onto my private property. While I’m no scientist, my bathroom scale proves that I’m getting more gravity than I will ever need. The Assessor threatened to spike my property values when she discovered I had more gravity than I’d originally purchased with the property. This is becoming more urgent by the day — I saw his kid carrying a new lawn bowling set into the house yesterday. Please, don’t act like I’m the only one that has this problem. This is the type of thing that I will address head on when voted in as Commissioner. In the mean time, please do your job and stop privately owned gravity from piling up in my yard!
~Thomas (A Concerned Citizen!)

Commissioner Dan’s Response: I need to give this issue some deeper thought but my first reaction is that your neighbor has some balls.

Originally Posted: 4/1/2019