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Roads and Bridges

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

Dear Commissioner Dan, Sadly, Bonner County Road and Bridge as an agency doesn’t express itself very creatively. I’m not talking about the zillion dollar “art” that was dropped off the back of a pickup at the round-abouts! We all use the roads and yet, if the county has had any say in the matter, the road signs are, well, pretty boring – a Sans serif font on a solid background. Even the signs with symbols on them are a yawn-fest. Usually some black silhouette of the same deer, cow, or rock that they used in the 1940s. THE 1940s!!! I’ll bet my driver’s license that the commissioners have never sat around in a meeting discussing more creative merge signs. What an opportunity! Does it cost any more to have a sign printed with block letters than beautiful calligraphy? Why not have a rainbow of options to replace the green address signs? Do the commissioners really think that if the fire department saw yellow address numbers on a red sign that they would just be left scratching their head because the sign wasn’t white on green? What if the speed limit numbers could be more italic for faster speeds? How much fun it would be if the mile marker signs were oval? Now that’s a knee slapper right there! When a new street sign is printed, the people who live there should be able to vote on the font and colors. As commissioner, it’s this kind of fun and beauty I’m going to bring to Bonner County Road and Bridge. Commissioner Dan, you have grandkids. Would you say “no” to letting them finger paint the population signs we see when we enter a town? I think not.
~Thomas (A Concerned Citizen)


Originally Posted: 5/1/2019