Wildfire Danger Prevention

Dear Commissioner Dan, it’s pretty obvious what has to happen here. I tried to pull a burn permit yesterday after the rain but “hand stacked slash piles” were not permissible because of the danger they posed. If citizens of the county require permits to burn fires, then wildfires should be required to get a permit as well. The law should limit the size that fires are allowed to grow to. It should also take into consideration the effect of wind and upslopes before a wildfire permit is allowed. In addition, other counties and provinces should be charged a fee for their smoke trespassing into Bonner county. We could use the money to round up the geese at City Beach and have a big community BBQ featuring goose burgers, pulled goose sandwiches, goose legs and for the folks from the big city we can serve “Foie gras”. With the money saved from not having to transport the geese to CDA for a short vacation before they return from down south, we can give prizes for the best goose costume. In keeping with the reputation we have in North Idaho, it will be a fun event called, “Nooses for Gooses!”

Not sure why you didn’t think of this already but when I’m voted in as Commissioner, I’m planning on solving a lot of problems in this county so everyone will be happy.
~Thomas (A Concerned Citizen)

Commissioner Dan’s Response: Thomas, we are beginning installation of anti-goose gun batteries all around the City just outside the city limits. This is to effectively keep the City of Sandpoint’s goose problem from migrating into the County.

Illegal migration is a serious thing we will be prepared to shoot down any geese looking to invade the counties airspace from the City of Sandpoint. Those geese already in the County are legal residents.

If you are interested, we will have several positions open to operate these goose batteries and will be taking applications.

Let me know


Originally Posted: 6/28/19

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