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Anatomy of an Election

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

RANT: Dear Commissioner Dan, Sandpoint’s elections are well under way, why aren’t they addressing the important issues? I don’t understand why the commissioners of our county don’t do something about the most obvious concern that nobody is paying attention to? It’s been ignored by the city council and mayor for years. I guess everyone except me is willing to go along to get along. I’m a no-nonsense get-er-done kind of person writing letters to inspire people like you to do your job right. Part of that means you have to give up the name calling. I heard you say this in one of your campaign speeches and I let it go because I thought it was an oversight. That is until I heard it repeated by someone else. Designating Sandpoint as “The county seat” has a lot of implications regarding the anatomy of Bonner County. This kind of personification (you know I’m upset when I use six syllable words) is contempt on a scale that is far below the role of commissioner. This resulted in you using my tax money to pay $90 million to create a bypass around the town along the lake shore so as to block their view of the lake. Aren’t there better, more productive ways to resolve your differences? What about a tug-of-war between the new mayor and yourself, or big mud wrestling match between the newly elected city council members and the county commissioners.  You could wear costumes that include Speedo swimsuits and masks that make it look very professional like I’ve seen on TV. By charging people five bucks to attend you can raise money for a good cause, like giving every citizen who attends $5.00 to show how much you love them.  You see, Dan, while the candidates are fighting, you could be fighting to bring people together and create harmony rather than making Sandpoint the butt of your jokes, literally. After all, Sandpoint has the court house, the sheriff’s office, the DMV, hall of records, our hospital, the Army Surplus store, and I believe your office is there as well. With so much business and government activity being conducted there Sandpoint might better be called something like “The Capital of Bonner County”. Perhaps a suitable name can be determined by the three county commissioners in one of your big-wig meetings that I see on the interwebs. Or you can simply wait until I’m voted in as commissioner as my own campaign is really getting under way now that I’ve been writing these hard hitting letters for a year now. I’ve gotten a lot of really positive feedback about these letters from my favorite aunt and mom (Hi Mom!). Anyway, I have to close but wanted to keep you abreast of my thoughts… I mean, apprised of my thoughts.

~Thomas (A Concerned Citizen)

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