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Nothing says Bonner County like 1907

Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

RANT: Dear Commissioner Dan, Welcome to 2020! I hope you didn’t think that I would let up on you just because today is a holiday.  When I’m commissioner, I will work tirelessly for the wonderful people of Bonner County. Finish this sentence, “Nothing says Bonner County like _______.” Some things that come to mind might be trains, lakes, mountains, huckleberries, guns, politics, wildlife and “1907”. Yep, “1907” appears to be the official motto of Bonner County. It’s emblazoned on the logo on the Bonner County website ( ). I’m not too sentimental, but is that really the best we can do? Do you welcome guests with, “Welcome to Bonner County where we’ve been proud of our motto, ‘1907’ for the last 113 years!”?

And that logo! Seriously? Go look at the logo again and tell me it doesn’t look like the view from a periscope on one of the submarines in the lake. Go, look, I’ll wait. What kind of a tree is that? I suspect it’s a Ponderosa Pine but being cut off, it looks like a palm tree. So we have a palm tree growing directly out of the lake in North Idaho. Behind it are snow covered mountains in front of a white sky – with the contrast of snowflakes in milk. And of course, “Idaho” is under water. I have no idea where this logo came from but now I’m worried that some 46 year old woman is upset because she won the Jr. High Bonner County Logo contest back in 1974. Deary, it’s a beautiful logo, bless your heart.

When I’m commissioner I’m going to venture into unfamiliar territory. I know this boarders on creative, but how about we come up with a new county motto. What better way to meet new people to disagree with than a discussion about an all encompassing moniker that will describe and unify every person in the county? We can announce it during the upcoming gun show at the fairgrounds. This will bring people together and lower the population at the same time.

It’s going to disappoint my mom that I’m not putting forth some of my own little ditties here, but I don’t want everyone else to feel inadequate. After all, I was the one who proudly came up with the slogan, “Nooses for Gooses” in reference to the campaign to get rid of the geese at City Beach.

Let’s wait until “what’s-her-name” (the logo artist, formerly known as Gladys) kicks the bucket before we redesign the logo. Maybe by then I’ll be a commissioner and just make the logo a drawing of the new sculpture in the round-about on Division. After all, nothing says Bonner County, Idaho like a $90K sculpture created in Seattle, Washington. At least if we have it on our logo, tourists heading up to Schweitzer will think the sculpture was done on purpose.

In the mean time, I’m heading down to the DMV for a vanity license place that says it all, “7B 1907”.

~Thomas (A Concerned Citizen)

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