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Evergreen forests

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

RANT: Dear Commissioner Dan, Now that the snow is beginning to melt and I look out my window at the local forests, it reminds me that the county is taking in green hand-over-fist. And frankly, it’s monotonous.  I’m not here to complain about taxes this time although I would like to discuss the fact that you’re not collecting the gravel put down on the roads for reuse next winter. No, I’m talking about the monochrome green that you see when looking at the pine forests of Bonner County. Can’t you people be a little more creative for the amount we pay you with our hard earned cash. Yes, I know they’re evergreens (except when they’re not). But why green? Do the commissioners realize that “Experts estimate that we can distinguish perhaps as many as 10 million colors”? (Wyszecki, Gunter. Color. Chicago: World Book Inc, 2006: p824. I can use the internets, too) . Did you know that Razzmatazz, Fallow, and Caput Mortuum are names of colors? Why can’t the commissioners make laws that encourage more color in our local forests? Sure, they get snow flocking on them in the winter but did I mention 10 million colors?! That’s like one color for every person in Bonner County every year for a really long time. And I’m not just talking about in the fall. I say, out with the evergreen and in with the everpurple. Dang, my spell checker tells me that everpurple isn’t even a word. When I’m elected commissioner, I will fix that, too.

~Thomas (A Concerned Citizen)

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