Conversations I never thought I’d have

Growing up in Illinois meant that all things guns are bad. Bad people (and maybe a hunter or two) own guns. No consideration is given to self-defense of good people. So, moving to a conservative community with almost zero experience with guns has resulted in some conversations that I never thought I’d have… at church none the less. 

A gentleman approaches and says, “Do you shoot 40?” It strikes me as odd that A) someone is asking me if I shoot 40 caliber ammo in my gun; B) that I know what the term 40 even means. C) someone would think that I might the kind of person who shoots guns… at all. Who have I become?

It’s strikes me as odd that I said, “Yes, I do.”

He hands me a paper bag with something in it. It’s heavy. I shake it. It strikes me as odd that I know that sound. It’s ammo. 

He then says, “I got this as a white elephant gift at a party. I don’t shoot 40, so it’s yours.” It strikes me as odd that someone would think it socially acceptable to give ammunition as a white elephant gift.

When I got home from church, I looked in the bag. It’s strikes me as odd that I know right off that it’s not just any 40 caliber ammo, it’s hollow-point ammo that one carries for self-defense and that I know it’s quite valuable. 

This boy from Illinois is still trying to get the “Illinois” out of my very DNA. Thankfully, more and more, as I learn about such topics as this, I’m becoming more and more “Idaho.” 

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