Dear Commissioner Dan

“Dear Commissioner Dan” is a series of letters written to a county  commissioner by his fiercest opponent, “A Concerned Citizen” named Thomas and the ways he would improve the community as he attempts to get elected as Commissioner. Everyone complains about government, but these letters take the issue to a new level; demanding improvements, making suggestions, and finding solutions to make things better for the hard working tax payers of our county.

These were/are first posted in a “Rant and Rave” forum on Facebook and then brought into this forum for reference. When available, I’ve included Commissioner Dan’s responses as well as a link to the Facebook page which includes the rest of the conversation. The responses from Commissioner Dan address these issues head on with similar desire to find solutions in response to these letters. Unfortunately, due to original threads being deleted by an evil overlord some of the early responses from Commissioner Dan are not available. We’re sorry for this and hope that Commissioner Dan could recover these along with several of our lost single socks.

The following are an archive of letters to Commissioner Dan with the newest letter at the top.

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