The Move from Illinois to Idaho

Oct. 11, Closed on land in Idaho.

Oct. 22, Loaded truck. THANK YOU to the small army of helpers who blessed us with their service in loading the truck. We had a good cry, prayed, attached the car, packed the cats and left on the first leg of the journey, Madison Wisconsin.

Big Yellow in Streamwood
Covering two counties Big-Yellow is ready. Everything we own fits into one truck.

Oct. 23, Drove from Madison to Rapid City, South Dakota. Got a flat tire on the car carrier.

Flat Tire
Our Hero raced out in 25 minutes to fix our flat tire.

Oct. 24, Streamwood house closed. We’re now homeless people (send care packages!). Rapid City to Butte, Montana.

Oct. 25, Arrived in Idaho. Stayed in hotel while the search for a rental home begins.

Oct. 26, Found a rental home in Kootenai, Idaho.

Our Rental House
This is the current homestead for the next several months.

Oct. 27 – 31, Moved in. Found the tooth brushes and began to build a home around them.

Now that we here, let’s take a look around…

Humbird Looking North
This is looking North on our Street

Humbird Looking South
Looking South

Looking Out Our Front Door
Out our Front Door

Welcomed by a Street Cleaner
While unloading the truck we notices that they were really cleaning up the neighborhood just for us.

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