The Saddest Bears WIN Ever

We were clearly outnumbered by Seahawks and “non-Bears” fans at the Seahawks/Bears football party at a friend’s house. The party began cordial with the typical jabs and friendly excitement. Then the game began. With each passing touch down by the Bears, my friends, who just moments ago were happy, joyful, and excited, began to deflate like balloons.


Football games last for days when everyone except you are sad watching your team cream the competition.  Even a few Seahawks touchdowns couldn’t lift their spirits. I even felt guilty cheering when there was a good play by the other side. By the end, the atmosphere was that of a funeral. It didn’t feel like much of a win because I value friends over games and my friends were so forlorn. So, this was the saddest Bears win I’ve ever seen.
However, I will have no empathy, sympathy or concern for anyone rooting on Green Bay next week. A room full of sad Packers fans is a taste of pure happiness. If they cry, all the better. I will not hold back my joy over the slightest loss by GreenBay. Even a Superbowl win could not compare to the joy of a Bear win over the Packers! GO BEARS! Send them packing!

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