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Potty Mouth President

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

I admit that from time to time I use inappropriate language. I’m often ashamed at how those words flow out so easily. However, at my job, when I’m in front of or having conversations with clients an extra effort is made to make sure decorum is used and foul language is not. I do this to bring honor both to my position at work and to my clients.Remarking about some of the behavior of our current President, I’ve said to Jenny that if I were elected president, I’d have to attend classes on how to behave in order to give honor to the title.

Apparently our current President (and quite possibly many Presidents) don’t feel the need to respect the their position in the same way when he uses phrases unbefitting his office. On June 8th, he said he’s been talking to various individuals about the catastrophic oil spill in the gulf “so I know whose ass to kick.” Behind closed doors, fine. In front of all the press so the world can see him make such a spectacle, this is simply inappropriate and degrading to the highest office in the land.
I don’t expect special accommodations but I will tell the President that I find such behavior offensive and inappropriate for someone who represents the honor given to him by the American people, even if you don’t wish to honor that position. If you need help in learning to communicate a point without besmirching the American people by representing them with street talk, I can find many examples of speeches from past presidents and dignitaries that effectively make their point in language that would not offend my grandmother and yet would strike fear in the hearts of those about whom you were speaking.

In addition, Jenny already has home school classes where some great kids from church are leaning to properly use our language. I’m sure that she’d be willing to help our president in service to our country, as much as she’s helped me (in service to our marriage).